Tested and Proven Water Purification

We mean business when it comes to effective water purification. Our water filters are absolute and we stand by our test results. All Sagan Life™ water filters are independently tested and proven by qualified water laboratories. The lab results are below for your review, so you can feel 100% confident you’re getting the quality and protection you deserve when using water purification products from Sagan Life.

We have gone to great lengths, and frankly great expense, to have our water filters tested and certified by independent water laboratories. The last several years have been spent researching and testing our products to create water purifiers, we have no doubt, will keep your family safe – at home, outdoors and abroad.

The Only Effective Way to Test Water Filters

The EPA does not enforce the water quality standards established for Microbiological Water Purifiers, such as personal filtered water bottles and small water filter devices. So, where does that leave you, the consumer? Exactly. Enter “End of Life” testing – the only truly effective way to prove the water filter you are using does what it says it does. Because while it may do what they claim for the first few gallons, does it do it for as many gallons as they claim? That’s where it gets tricky. Be sure your water filter systems have conclusive and shared “end of life” testing results.

What is End of Life Testing?

“End of Life” testing or “End of Useful Life” testing simply means the filter has been challenged at least every 25 gallons with test water which is contaminated with extremely high doses of virus, bacteria, parasites, lead and other toxic chemicals. These are all the contaminants, Sagan Life, in this case, claims our filters will remove. After running the turbid water through the filter, the scientists examine it. If the filtered water is 100% clean and pure we’re good to go! The process is then repeated adding a new mass of all the contaminants. This process is repeated at least every 25 gallons until the water filter fails to remove the contaminants and thus fails to meet the EPA Water Quality Standards – hence “End of Life”. So, that’s how we know EXACTLY how many gallons our filters will purify. Results are definitely on the conservative side, because in real life you will most likely never encounter such heavily polluted water as we use for test purposes.

If you’re using a water filter which claims to filter 1000’s of gallons or “works for a lifetime” think about that. How do they know if they haven’t done the only really conclusive test – End of Life? Make sure the water filter systems you’re using can stand up to the claims they make. Check out AquaVeritas.org and see if your water filter manufacturer has done the testing.


Sagan Life® AquaBrick™
Water Filter Lab Test

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Chlorine and Copper Removal Study

Sagan Life® Duraflo™ 550 Metal
Fluoride Percholarate Removal Study


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RT2c MS2 and Cyst Removal Study BCS

Sagan Life® Journey™ Metal
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