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The XStream™ Straw Water Purifier is by far the most effective and convenient of the filter straws for drinking water. Best water purification for backpacking, hiking, camping, travel and emergency survival. Ultralight and completely portable drinking water filter you can pack up and take anywhere. The Straw is 2 feet long with a 2 foot extension.



About Sagan Water Filter Straws

The XStream™ Straw Water Purifier is by far the most effective and convenient filter straw for drinking water for camping, hiking, travel, and emergency survival. Lightweight and completely portable, the XStream Straw is an ultralight backpacking water filter. Pack it up and take this straw water filter anywhere. The XStream™ Straw Water Purifier is a must-have item for hiking, camping, travel, and emergencies; ideal for disaster kits. Ultra lightweight (5 oz without the pump, 9 oz with pump), it easily compacts to fit into a jacket pocket or small pack. The mouthpiece comes with a 24″ straw; the extension straw is an additional 24″ – giving you a total of 48″ of straw! Easily drink from the straw’s mouthpiece without laying on your belly. The flow is fast and refreshing. Comfortably use the straw from the bank of a stream, lake or even over the side of a boat. No more getting yourself dirty or wet, laying down on a river bed.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We guarantee you will be happy with your purchase or we will credit you back.

EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE WATER FILTER. The incredible water filtration properties of the XStream Straw are due to the use of the Journey Filter. The Journey Filter has been tested and proven to remove bacteria, virus and parasites. Read more about the powerful Journey Water Filter.

SIMPLE TO USE. No need to get on your belly to drink as the straw comes as a 2-foot length, with a 2-foot extension – total 48” straw. Straw water filter purifies up to 250 gallons of contaminated water without iodine, chlorine or other chemicals; no moving parts; no batteries required. High flow rate drinking from the source.

REMOVES VIRUS. Removes 99.9999% bacteria, such as E.coli; 99.99% of protozoan, such as cryptosporidium and giardia; 99.99% of viruses – making it safe to drink from ANY non-salt water source – even in 3rd world countries.

SPRAY PUMP ALLOWS YOU TO SHARE WATER. Straw water filter includes the XStream™ Spray Pump to easily spray and wash food, hands and share clean drinking water.

PURIFIES ANY NON-SALT WATER SOURCE. The XStream™ Straw was tested and certified by independent water laboratories to safely purify 250 gallons of water. Exceeds EPA water filter standards.

REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT. Using a single Journey™ water filter saves 1,890 16oz/500ml bottles from contaminating our planet as refuse.

Sagan Life® water purification products meet the rigorous standards of Aqua Veritas™. Read more about the test results here.



The patented filtration media technology used in all Sagan water purification products is based on electroadsorption of contaminants, not mechanical filtration. The electro-positively charged media acts like a magnet attracting and retaining contaminants, as small as viruses, out of the water as they come in contact with the media.

The media itself is made of layers of non-woven, nano-alumina coated glass fibers containing powdered activated carbon (PAC) and antimicrobial protection (silver). The positively charged media field is sandwiched between layers of spunbond polyester, which provides strength to the pleated media.

The proprietary filter media offers exceptionally high flow rates and efficiency in removing contaminants. The media has been shown to remove viruses, bacteria, cysts, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), disinfection by-products, endotoxin, natural organic matter and other sub-micron particles and therefore making it IMPOSSIBLE FOR DANGEROUS ORGANISMS TO PASS THROUGH.


Changing your filter will depend on how much water you use and how contaminated it is. Since the filter acts as a magnet, as mentioned above, your filter will get clogged up over time. When it gets to the point of not being able to get water out of the filter, or the flow is not sufficient for your needs, it is time to change your filter. Even if there is only a trickle of water coming out, that water is still safe to drink.


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  1. ERin S.

    ERin S.

    My husband and I recently traveled to Kauai to hike the Napali coast. The hike is extremely long and challenging with steep inclines and lots of humidity. We knew we wouldn’t be able to carry enough water with us so we made sure we packed our XStream Straw. We are so thankful we did! About halfway we stopped at a waterfall and used the straw to refill our water packs. Then, on the way back, with about 6 miles left in the hike we ran out of water. When we had around 3-4 miles left, we both had signs of dehydration setting in. We began to get worried. Thankfully we came across a small stream. We sat down and used the Sagan XStream Straw to drink from the stream until we felt replenished and ready to go. It was literally a life saver! I was kind of expecting the water to be safe but taste gross, but was surprised that it actually tasted pretty good. It was so nice to be able to drink from the stream and have confidence that we wouldn’t get sick. It is easy to carry and I will definitely be bringing it with us more in the future!

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  2. Todd


    I had been looking for a highly portable water purifier for my hunting/backpacking trips. I’d been using a small hand pump-style filter, but I wanted something that would do a better job with less effort (the hand pump is a pain). I did a lot of research before buying this, and it has best-in-class filtration/purification ratings. I decided to give it a try, and I haven’t been disappointed. Here’s what I liked after taking it on two separate trips to the backcountry over the past couple of months:- It’s very portable. On my trips, I kept it in a belt pouch so that I always had it with me, even when I was scouting without a full pack. I never noticed the weight of it.- This is obvious based on the design, but I didn’t have to bring a separate container or put my mouth practically in the water source. I loved the convenience of just popping it into the water and drinking when I needed to. I’ve used other portable filtration systems that do fine when you have a crystal clear stream, but not so well in shallower, stagnant water sources. The Sagan Life XStream straw was great when I had a stream to work with, but I was especially impressed when I tried it in a murky, shallow pond. The purified water still flowed easily as I drank, and the taste was much better than I expected. (and I didn’t get sick – it did the job it’s supposed to do). I never would have trusted anything that didn’t filter out viruses as well as bacteria with that kind of water source. So far, I don’t have anything negative to say about it. It’s going to be a staple for my future hunting/backpacking trips, and I highly recommend it.

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  3. ET


    Bought this for overseas travel, camping, and emergency preparedness. Am very satisfied, and consider it a good value for the cost. Compared to a simple straw filter, this product is a bit bulkier but still very lightweight and small enough to easily fit in a pack or suitcase. A bit more effort to suck on than a simple straw, but I like this product better because I don’t have to lay down to drink, and also can use it to fill a bottle.

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  4. Chad


    I tried the personal straw water filter for the first time yesterday, and I was impressed with its design and functionality. I’ve used a number of other filtering products before (lifestraw, platypus, sawyer, and others), and this has some definite advantages. I think the best use for me will be when I’m hiking or fishing. With other products, it was rarely convenient to get down close enough to the water to use a straw and I didn’t like the alternative of contaminating a water bottle with unfiltered water to drink from that with the straw. The tubing that comes with this product made it easy to drink from the bank of a stream without laying down next to it. I was able to quickly and easily drink water through the straw — maybe just a little more effort than a hydration pack to get the water going. The filter end is probably a couple of inches wide and three or four inches long (guessing here) and I had the most consistent flow when I could submerge the entire filter. So if you’re drinking out of water that’s less than 2 or 3 inches deep, you could end up with some air bubbles in the line. I have only tried it in a fairly clean stream–slightly cloudy with spring runoff–but the taste was great. The bulb pump comes as an optional attachment (you can use either the mouthpiece or the pump at one time) and can be quickly clipped or un-clipped from the filter and hose. It took a couple of pumps to get the water going and then it delivered a pretty constant spray. It looks like it would fill a small water bottle pretty fast. If you’re looking to filter large quantities of water for a group, I’d probably consider other options. If you’re hiking solo or just have a few bottles to fill, this is a great option. If you’re looking for a filter that handles bacteria and viruses and can be quickly put in a backpack, jacket pocket, or fanny pack, I would definitely consider this system.

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