by April Muir

June 2, 2015

The AquaBrick™ is a real multi-tasker. Not only does the AquaBrick™ Water Filtration System rock at providing pure clean water from any non-salt water source, but the AquaBrick™ container itself is also an awesome food storage container and water storage containers. So with this one system, you’ve got:

  • an amazing water filter
  • perfect BPA free water storage container
  • excellent food storage container
  • long-term container for anything! Say, important documents, family photos and mementos – anything.

Sagan Life™ AquaBrick™ Container

The AquaBric™ Food and Water Storage Containers Stack –

One of the coolest features about the AquaBrick™ is that they are stackable, making your water and food storage area clean and organized. They will configure to just about any space. And we’ve done some pretty sophisticated tested and had a 260 lb man standing on one. Not a dent!

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